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Leadership roles are more challenging than ever.

CoMotiv democratizes access to leadership coaching. With our new subscription service, CoMotiv Connect, we’ve broken down the financial and logistical barriers that prevent people from seeking the advice and strategies they need to excel in their careers. 

Join CoMotiv Connect today to gain insights, solve problems, and get personalized, on-demand help from our expert coaches.

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CoMotiv Connect

On-Demand Leadership Coaching

CoMotiv Connect gives everyone unlimited access to personalized and confidential coaching from a rapid-response team of trustworthy experts.

Old-School Executive Coaching

Wait weeks, or even months, to find a coach and
get started

1-2 hour sessions, scheduled weeks in advance

$1,000-$3,000+ per month with a 3-6 month

CoMotiv Connect

Get help from your coaching team within minutes of signing up

Unlimited coaching via in-app messaging during business hours

As low as $300 per month and cancel anytime

CoMotiv Connect Subscriber Benefits

An expert coaching team that cares about your success, understands what matters to you, and keeps things confidential. They’ll focus you on what’s most important, challenge your thinking, and help you stay accountable to yourself.
Unlimited Coaching Requests, help, and advice. Submit your coaching requests through our mobile-friendly web-based app. Coaches respond via 30-60 second videos in 15 minutes or less during business hours.
Confidence, clarity, and community. Imagine what’s possible when you get supportive, understanding advice that’s relevant and actionable.

Transparent pricing at $300/month for monthly subscribers, and $250/month for yearly payments. No contracts, no commitments.

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The CoMotiv Team

CoMotiv was built by a team of leadership coaches and experts in human-centered design.

After working with thousands of leaders in Fortune 1000 companies, our data shows that our methods yield consistent, attainable, repeatable results. CoMotiv is our answer to making leadership coaching more accessible, relevant, affordable, and available when you need it.

We’re democratizing access to this important resource because we personally know how it feels to be underestimated: Each of us has been in leadership roles where we struggled, we didn’t get the help and support we needed, and we felt like we didn’t belong. It’s time to change that for as many people as possible.

CoMotiv is a purpose-driven business, legally formed as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp). We believe businesses should lift up and improve our communities. Join us to become part of a community of leaders that is inclusive, like-minded, and like-hearted.

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